In the news – an example of the pitfalls of prenatal testing

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think all prenatal testing is bad. I do believe we need to be careful and take the time to educate our patients and families to the best of our abilities.

Parents Sue Doctors Over ‘Wrongful Abortion’

Brandy Zadrozny, The Daily Beast 1/29/2015

More than two-thirds of pregnant women in the U.S. go through prenatal genetic screening for abnormalities such as Down syndrome, or Trisomy 21. Studies estimate that between 80 and 90 percent of parents who receive a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 choose to terminate their pregnancies. A smaller share, but still a majority of women choose abortion when their fetuses are diagnosed with a sex chromosome abnormality, like the Abbotts. Depending on the study, somewhere between 68 and 81 percent of mothers terminate pregnancies with a SCA diagnosis. Since newer, non-invasive prenatal tests flooded the market in 2011, more women than ever are lining up to receive screenings. But some women are taking screening results—which can be wrong up to half of the time—as a confirmed diagnosis and, like Colleen Abbott, are terminating healthy pregnancies before further testing can be done.


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