Social Science and the Arts & Humanities Competition & Initiatives: “Narrative Bioethics” one of the funded projects

These look like some really interesting programs. Someday, hopefully…

Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King's College, London

The KISS DTC, UCL Economic & Social Research Council DTC and the AHRC London Arts and Humanities Partnership have awarded funding to seven doctoral training activities situated at the interface of Social Science and the Arts and Humanities.  Please see below for details of these activities and how to get involved with them.

1. Is IR Without History Empty?  Is History Without IR Blind?  An Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series

Organisers: Thomas Bottelier, Depts. of History & War Studies KCL and Filippo Costa Buranelli, Dept. of War Studies, KCL

2. Against Delivery: for practice-based doctoral research

Organisers:  Prof. Sharon Morris and Dr. Hayley Newman, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL; Prof. Jonathan Hill, Bartlett, UCL; Prof. Alan Reed, Theatre, Dept. of English, KCL; Prof. Emma Dillon, Music, KCL.

3. Practicing Ethics: At the interface of social science and arts & humanities

Organisers: Professor Jane Rendell (Bartlett School of Architecture…

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